You Can Build on Our Experience

The Massey Advantage
Repeatedly and consistently, prime contractors, developers, and architects with national and international reputations seek out Massey’s participation at the earliest planning stages. They know that when they consult with us at the conceptual or design stage, they will be assured that all systems will be designed with fully compatible materials so that the finished structure will meet or exceed their operational requirements in the most cost effective manner. We understand the importance of teamwork and building mutually successful relationships.

On Budget. On Time.
As a single-source building envelope contractor, Massey’s expert coordination of ordering, in-house fabrication, delivery and installation, are all timed to perfection. Massey’s own reputation for upholding values extends to delivering on a promise. We are committed to your schedules and budgets. Our effective and all-encompassing business operation makes certain that we have the highest degree of control of all of our projects from day one through successful completion. Any unforeseen setbacks are challenges that we are well equipped and always prepared to overcome.

Design Consultation
Project success is often determined at the outset, so early contribution of our specialized glazing and metalworking expertise is always advantageous. Our extensive product knowledge and comprehensive understanding of the latest construction techniques is especially important on unique, landmark sites, as well as on unusually large and technically challenging projects. Longtime clients know that early and ongoing collaboration is a valued tradition at Massey’s.

Technical Expertise
Massey’s represents the leading edge of the architectural curtain wall and window wall industry. We maintain this position by working closely with the nation’s premier manufacturers of glazing materials, framing systems, and installation technologies. We continuously incorporate the benefits of our suppliers’ improvements and advances into our bidding, planning and building processes. Our decades of experience as a trusted glazing contractor provides our clients with unsurpassed competence on their projects. Additionally, when a project requires unitized curtain wall systems, Massey’s is the preferred choice. We have the knowledge, facilities, and proven experience to furnish and install the pressure-equalized system as required.

Single-Source Efficiency
As a single source provider, Massey’s can simplify the coordination of communications, delivery, product quality controls, and complex construction time-management issues. We can also guarantee quality workmanship, and minimize potentially costly and time consuming mistakes. The benefit of single-source responsibility might be our single most important advantage to our client.
In-House Fabrication
Essential to the timely and cost controlled successful completion of our client’s projects, custom fabrication is done at our 4 facilities in Branford, Connecticut. These technically advanced glazing and metalworking operations are staffed by craftsmen and managed by professionals. This assures prompt and efficient processing and delivery of all manufactured components. In-house fabrication services include the unitizing, panelizing and precision welding of standard and custom-die extrusions.

Superior Workmanship
Upon contract award, Massey’s will assign a project manager that efficiently coordinates all operations with a project team from our permanent crew of highly skilled and experienced union glaziers and metalworkers- many whom have been with our company since its inception. You can be certain that the same professionals that start the job will finish it, with demonstrated skill and superior workmanship reflected in every aspect of their work.

Total Satisfaction
We begin each project we do with confidence in our ability as craftsmen and business professionals to satisfy every demand made of us. Experience has taught us that client satisfaction is built by teamwork from the ground up – and it has to happen every hour of every working day. Our fierce dedication to client satisfaction has earned us preferred status with many building contractors. We invite you to build on our experience. Find out why we are uniquely qualified to be your dependable, single-source glazing resource.

Our Work is Our Ultimate Credential
Massey’s Plate Glass & Aluminum, Inc. specializes in the erection of Curtain Walls, Unitized Wall Systems, Structural Glass Wall Systems, Metal Wall Panel Systems, Storefronts, Entryways, Doors, Skylights, and Windows. The projects shown on these pages are only a small sampling of the work we’ve done through the years. For a more complete list of clients, and professional references, contact us at our main office in Branford, Connecticut, at (203) 488-2377.

Large or Small, You Can Build on our Experience
Whatever the size of your next project, however simple or complex, we hope our reputation, capabilities, and experience will earn us your consideration. We believe we can expertly assist your designers and planners, specify the most appropriate materials, employ the most dependable and skilled professionals, and precisely custom fabricate to meet all your needs. Additionally, we will always use the most advanced installation technology and systems and respond promptly to future service and maintenance needs. We’d welcome the opportunity to prove all that to you – And our claim to do it all on budget and on time. But you don’t have to take our word for it – just ask our clients.